Elixir for life

Let's be honest, we most often like to please our taste buds with two flavours - sweet and salty. And without realising it, even more often than not, a combination of the two, cleverly put together by food manufacturers in such a way as to create a memory trace as soon as we taste it, to make us want to taste more and thus get into a 'habit' as quickly as possible. The sour taste tends to be more on the back burner, preferred mostly by adults. 

The most neglected flavour remains bitter. What a pity! The bitter taste balances all three of the previous ones, it can restore balance, it awakens the organism and its mind through reflexes that we all carry within us.

The recommended dosage of Bonora® Elixir is 10 ml 3 times a day. That is, approximately three teaspoons during the day.

Bonora® Elixir is truly bitter, the first sensation and original taste may come as a surprise to you. That is the real power of herbs. No more unnecessary sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavourings or aromas.

Pure bitter herbs, in a 35% alcohol elixir. Alcohol content makes it suitable for adults only.

The incredible bitterness of theriak is best experienced without dilution, by taking it straight from the spoon!

For the real bitterness, stir into a cup of herbal tea, water or fruit juice.

A gift for your loved ones

Bonora® Elixir is truly exclusive. The story, the composition, the taste, the scent - and the packaging. As a worthy gift for an anniversary, birthday, name day, Christmas... it will certainly stand out among other gifts for its uniqueness, and you can rejoice together with the recipient.

Here are some tips on where you can order the Bonora Elixir
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